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So, you are interested in writing about movies? Well first of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in writing with us here at ReeYaa!

We are a community of Republicans, Right-wing Independents, Common-sense moderates, and Libertarians who are film enthusiast and love to write about movies and pop-culture. We are regular people – just like you – who are tired of seeing film, media, and storytelling hijacked and held at the mercy of the liberal elites. We want to review movies honestly, but also forewarn you of progressive propaganda masquerading as entertainment.

Anyone can be a contributor, and participation with ReeYaa is done on a completely volunteer basis. There are no demands of any sort. If you want to join us in helping to create a robust community of movie-goers, then we would love it if you would send us a movie review.

Your contributions will help your fellow Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and regular hard-working American’s - decide how best to spend their hard-earned money on entertainment. Whether at the movie theater, or in their home.

Sending us movie reviews is very simple. Just follow the guidelines and format, then submit.


Language: Submissions should conform to acceptable standards of grammar, pay attention to the appropriate use of punctuation, and void of glaring solecisms. Please try to keep the foul language to a minimum – we know you are smart enough to get your point across without the use of foul language.
Author: You can submit reviews under your name, a non-de plume, or anonymously if you wish. Just mention your preference in your submission. We prefer that contributors use Disqus username so you can comment on your own article. You don’t have a Disqus username? You can get one, it’s not hard.
Plagiarism: Just don’t do it, that simple. We scan for plagiarism, so don’t act stupid.
Length: Does not matter, as long as you can get your point across.

Quick Movie Review Format

It can be a simple straight forward paragraph but it will get the point across to the readers.

[Sometimes a quick review is not enough – you can also send us a full movie review. If you decide to help your fellow Right-Wingers with a full review please follow the format below.]

Full Movie Review Format

Movie Review: What are your thoughts on the film? Consider the actual art of filmmaking – screenwriting, story, cinematography, acting, production value, visual effect – all that good stuff. You can write it any way you would like. Please give your review a letter grade. F to A+

Production Information: What do you think about the cast and production team? Do you approve of the cast or do you dislike them. Are they rigid idealists? Are they aspiring politicians? Are they virtual signaling celebrities? Let us know, and warn us. Or you can leave it blank and we can do this section for you.
Please give a score from this index:
Somewhat Approve
Mix Feelings
Somewhat Disapprove

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE): What sort of “agenda” is being pushed? Most of us are aware of the manipulation, revisionism, cultural engineering, virtue signaling, political correctness the Left tries to force onto the masses. Worse, there is an obvious double standard from the which shows with no regard for dialogue or discourse. If the movie is trying to shame those of us “on the Right” or purposely trying to engineer the masses to not approve of Republican, Libertarian, or Conservative ideology - let us know. Please give us your thoughts on the Social Engineering attempts that may, or may have not occurred. Is there too much political correctness? Is the film all about virtual signaling? We need to know.
Please give a score from this index:
Very High
Very Low

Final Thoughts: Give a quick conclusion.

Example of a movie review – Click Here

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