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Lady Bird

Democrats, Catholics and a movie review of Lady Bird by a Conservative Republican.

Do these left-wingers on the west coast really think the stereotypes of right-wingers are accurate? They really do live in a bubble, don’t they?

Let’s get this out of the way first. I am a female Catholic Mexican-American living in Southern California. I ALSO am a Conservative Republican. I have some thoughts I would like to share with everyone.


The leadership of the Democrat party loves to play identity politics, and in my view, that’s the only card they have right now. It is obvious that many powerful Democrats are trying to court the Catholic vote. Our Pope is a socialist. Mumbling Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic and - for some reason - many Catholics look up to her or vote for her. Many prominent Catholic Democrat Senators have voted against banning post 20-week abortions (some of them are even banned from taking communion but they still call themselves Catholic). Left-wing media have articles pushing or trying to shame the Catholic Church into changing core doctrine and dogma because they feel they have an ally in the Vatican. Wikileaks has provided emails showing how the DNC are trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and court Catholic voters. Democrats are trying to influence Mexican - American Catholics (like me) by leveraging the current immigration talks. Do you see the pattern here? Let’s just say, there are lots of plans from Democrat leadership concerning Catholics and identity politics for the upcoming mid-terms and the 2020 election.

The Catholic Church has had some good and some bad Popes. In my opinion, we are living with a bad one. He is definitely not Pope John Paul II. I will say this though – Pope Francis is doing his job concerning 3rd world countries. He is making an effort to get more people from these countries to attend mass. Current U.S. culture is rejecting Christianity at a faster rate than before, so if more people are entering the church outside of the U.S. because of Francis, then that is a good thing. Maybe in the long run they can turn politically right. In my opinion I do feel that there is a slight revival in Christianity in the United States. Generation Z is attending church more than their millennial predecessors – as demonstrated in a recent study from Joan Hope, Ph.D. - “When asked about spirituality, 47 percent said they were religious, and an additional 31 percent said they were spiritual but not religious. Church attendance is also up during young adulthood, with 41 percent saying they attend weekly religious services, compared with 18 percent of millennial at the same ages, 21 percent of Generation X, and 26 percent of baby boomers.”

There is hope. Maybe it is a Trump effect.

I find it disheartening to see American Catholic Priests and the Vatican dropping subtle hints of support for left-wing ideology. You can see why many right-wingers are concerned about the direction of the Vatican and Catholic leadership. Democrat tactics are to present the narrative that Catholic doctrine and dogma are liberalizing and changing for the better. For thousands of years - empire after empire, scandal after scandal, the Catholic Church has survived and is still here. Almost all of its doctrine unchanged and dogma has never changed. That says something about the Catholic Church and its extensive history. It is time for right-wing Catholics to start fighting back from the infection of the far left-wing ideology. The Catholic Church does not have to change for any one. It should never have too. If you don't like the doctrine, then go somewhere else. The Catholic Church will survive the shaming – even if there are only a few Catholics left, hiding away in a room reading the bible - it will still find a way to survive. Just ask the Chinese Catholics what they are going through right now.

Will we be seeing more Catholic social engineering in mainstream entertainment now because of Democrat tactics? Is there a plan from Democrat politicians and their Hollywood donors? Well… Here comes Hollywood with Lady Bird, a movie about a teenage girl struggling with life at a private Catholic high school. Is this part of the plan from the Democrats concerning Catholic votes, more manipulated movies? I know I can be over thinking this way too much, but with the political narrative from Democrats now, you can understand why I had such hesitations to go see this movie and with Hollywood.

Did I like this movie? – YES.

Was it balanced concerning Social Engineering? – YES.

Is it worth your money? – YES.


Lady Bird is a coming of age story. One of the main story arcs is about the Catholic teachings and its way of life. This movie is not only about the Catholic Church but also about family, motherhood, and most importantly, appreciation.


There is that word again. I know this is left-wing Hollywood, but what I didn’t like about this movie was the false stereotypes it perpetuated. The film tries to give the impression of what right-wingers and some Catholics are like. We had a typical rich, white, preppy kid whose family loves Reagan and seems out of touch. Oh, please! I am not wealthy at all. I’m a minority that’s live in a condo barely making enough money to pay my bills each month (there are a lot of you just like me). The mom in the movie shops at thrift stores, the mom works long hours, and drives an old car. Yeah, and right-wingers do these things too. We struggle like everyone else. The filmmaker also gives you an impression that being gay is the end of the world if you come from a Republican family. Give me a break, many Republicans do not care if you are gay. Stop whining about it and asking for special attention! Many families are not going to ban you, or do something overly dramatic. Not all Republicans are hard core white evangelicals or backwards thinking folks from the 1700’s – these are examples of the typical false narrative, identity politics perpetuated by left-wingers. I also have very liberal friends that do not act in the same manner as some of the obvious left-wing characters in this film. The movie has many stereotypes among many different culture groups. The problem with this is that it doesn’t represent the whole picture, but many will still believe it is fact.


This movie does help shed a positive light on the Catholic Church and school. We know atheist’s and the secular left go out of their way at times to bash Christians and or religion institutions. I was very surprised the writer/director depicted a somewhat accurate picture of Catholic Schools. The movie does not portray Catholic schools as these miserable places run by a bunch of priest who molest children and have nuns that hit kids with rulers for not praying all day. Nuns sacrifice a great deal – they get paid crumbs and deal with many difficult cultural topics. I commend the writer/director on giving the right balance of Catholic school culture in this movie. It was well done, bravo. There were a few scenes that I felt might be mocking church services, but I might be over thinking it. (Another wrong leftist narrative is that Catholic Schools do not teach the theory of evolution. That is wrong, they all do. Matter of fact many Catholics believe in theistic evolution. Christians are very diverse in thought you know. Typically, left-wing activist only focus on Young Earth Creationist and ridicule it publicly, trying to win a narrative. Obviously they don’t represent the views of all Christians and there is nothing wrong with believing in Y.E Creationism. Many Y.E creationist in the field of biology and chemistry are doing great work. Everyone should read Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by J.B Stump to get a better understanding on how Christian think when it comes to science.)


What can I say, I was very surprised and I really enjoyed my time watching this movie - It really is a well balanced emotional movie. There are obvious issues I had with this movie but the overall theme is heartfelt and you really look deep into yourself to understand an appreciation for family and religious institutions. I admit I don’t know any of the actors but the acting was spectacular, so natural, and the young cast was superb. This was a true indie film and I really commend the filmmaker for giving the right balance that everyone can enjoy. I also had many good laughs during the film. I will not ruin the last 15 minutes of the film but it was well done. I think many right-wingers will enjoy this movie, it’s really not what you think it is and you should give it a chance. I truly believe the directors intention was not to go over the top with leftist social engineering (it is balance, trust me), but wanted to make an honest attempt on what many teenagers suffer through.

Jennifer Fulwiler - About the Catholic Church
     “What if, when GOD inspired the writers of the Bible… you know fallible people who make mistakes, but he inspires them to convey infallible truths. What if he didn’t stop doing that after the Bible was written? What if he kept doing that in the Church that he founded with his own authority and what if it’s still around to this day?”

ReeYaa Grade = A-

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

I think you get the point with my review.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Production Information

Director: Greta Gerwig
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts

I’ll leave this part for ReeYaa.

*Editors Note – Writer/Director Greta Gerwig has never said anything publicly that made you cringe. Her father is an Obama donor and she is most likely a leftist. Greta and her family seem to be down to earth Dems. We approve of the cast. Saoirse Ronan is a young star and very talented. She was in Hanna, Atonement, and Brooklyn. She has incredible range and is very talented for such a young age.

ReeYaa Score = Approve

Final Thoughts

What can I say, I was very surprised and I really enjoyed my time watching this movie. It deserves a viewing. You should not boycott this film.

Movie Review Grade = A-
LSE = Med
Production Information = Approve

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Reviewed By: Sassy Mexican | January 30, 2018
Runtime: 1h 34min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: December 1, 2017

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