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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Movie Review: It is not Bond or Bourne but that can be a good thing.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service which is based off a comic book. You technically do not have to see the first film to enjoy the sequel but it does help a great deal if you do watch the first one.

I am a big fan of 80's action film and its kill count. Kingsman kill count is not as outrageous like Rambo or Commando but the sense of artistic freedom is felt while watching Kingsman. The same freedom you felt with many 80's movies. Freedom – meaning – “I don’t give a f*ck what you want, I’m putting it in the movie.” You will understand what I mean when you see this movie. (You can see why there are so many remakes of 80's movies, people miss it)

Mathew Vaughn has recently made a name for himself as a Director with such hits as Layer Cake and Kick-Ass. If you have seen these movies then I am sure you will understand the type of movie you will be getting yourself into.

Vaughn did a wonderful job with directing his cast and crew in The Golden Circle. The acting, cinematography, music, sound, visual effects, stage design, everything you want in a movie were good. But how was the screenplay? I would say Vaughn delivered a unique story but while the story may be too simplistic - it was effectively engaging because of the characters, the action and comedy. The humor came at the perfect time. There were also a few scenes that went over audiences head and I caught myself as the only one laughing. Or maybe I am just stupid and the audience knows better. I personally felt Ryan Reynolds Deadpool was more comical, but The Golden Circle had plenty of laughs.

The main antagonist (Julian Moore) is the most powerful drug kingpin in the world. She affects the world with her drugs and basically holds the world hostage. The Kingsman follow leads to subdue her threat and they also seek aid of the U.S version of the Kingsman. It was cleverly introduced and the American cast did a wonderful job.

It is not like the recent Bond or Bourne films, it is not trying to be. Its edgier and more of an anti-current Bond or Bourne film. While current Bond films are trying to win Oscars with a deep screenplay, Kingsman says screw this, let’s get back to good ole action comedy fun spy thriller. (Did I just write this sentence? I am super lazy, sorry)

Just to warn everyone – many people will not appreciate this movie. It has dark humor, lots of bloody violence and language is really bad - it is definitely for the mature audience. (Well, I guess kids will be sneaking in to see this movie now)

ReeYaa Grade = B-

By: Lazy Editor Tim | September 22, 2017
Runtime: 2h 21min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: September 22, 2017

Production Information

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Cast: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Julian Moore, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum.

Matthew Vaughn is a Brit and seems like a good guy. He is probably a flaming hardcore leftwing activist, I really don’t know if he is but I don’t care if he is either – He never went out of his way to criticize anyone or make a fool of himself.

The majority of the cast seems to stay relatively quiet on many issues. Julian Moore is the only exception when she virtue signals but this movie doesn’t deserve a boycott because of this redhead.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Approve

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

There are certain moments of virtue signaling and some scenes make certain institutions seem like a bunch of crazy nuts but the majority of the movie is safe. There are attacks on both ideologies - it was pretty balanced - primarily for comedic affect.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Final Thoughts

This movie is not trying to win awards. Yes, it’s a guy’s flick but woman can enjoy this if they are not so uptight. (D@mn right I went there) I had a good time and reminded me of the good ole days when everything wasn’t so PC.

Movie Review Grade = B-
Production Information = Somewhat Approve
LSE = Med

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