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American Assassin

Movie Review: It is no Jason Bourne.

I made a simple choice this week – either supporting a virtue signaling Jennifer Lawrence by watching her new film “Mother!” or go see an action film and hope there is no virtue signaling.

Ok - this movie is a typical revenge action thriller. I was actually surprised on the weak screenplay because the movie is based on a series of novels by the late Vince Flynn. There is plenty of source material the writers could have used. You are not going to be blown away by its clever screenplay. The writers did try to give you some twist and turns in the story but it was ineffective - I laughed at their attempts but I thought to my self – “hey, it’s not so bad” - it could be far worse.

The story is simple - Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) is in Ibiza with his hot girlfriend Katrina. (Charlotte Vega) He proposes to his girlfriend and sh!t hits the fan when a group of arm terrorist storms in. The terrorist causes mayhem and their results ends with Mitch's girlfriend dead. Yes - I laughed during this scene, not because I’m a Satanist like John Podesta but it was hysterically done. Mitch Rapp is pissed off and wants revenge. Kill those bastard terrorist! - sounds Ok, right?

Mitch is back in the U.S and starts training to take down the terrorist. He teaches himself the art of combat and killing. (My muscles started twitching during his training and I had the urge to hit the gym.) As Mitch readies to take down his enemies the CIA swoops in and screws up his initial plans. Obviously, the CIA recruits and trains him - he is a perfect candidate psychologically and will be a perfect killing machine.

We get the usual super soldier clichés and Mitch becomes the perfect asset for the CIA. From there, they go country hopping looking for the bad guys.

Most of the action scenes were average, there was one fun set piece, but the majority of the action scenes are nothing that hasn’t been done before.

To recap - the story is nothing special and the dialogue can sometimes be laughable. Some of the action scenes help steer your mind away from the weak story and dialogue. The acting for the most part was well done and you cannot ask for more from Michael Keaton. In my opinion, he is getting better with age. Also, the score, visuals, and sound effects were good enough. Think of it this way - the movie is similar to Expandables with Sly Stallone. It’s a stupid straight forward movie but it did have some positive moments.

This movie is definitely a coin flip.

ReeYaa Grade = C

By: Lazy Editor Tim | September 15, 2017
Runtime: 1h 51min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: September 15, 2017

Production Information

Director: Michael Cuesta
Cast: Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan.

Michael Keaton has virtue signaled before but nothing too outrageous. The rest of the cast I believe has never said anything stupid towards the Right. The Director keeps to himself.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Approve

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

There are a few scenes that you will be scratching your head. Nothing bad in this film. Actually, many modern Leftist would be triggered by many scenes in this film.

ReeYaa Score = Low

Final Thoughts

If you are an alpha male - take a quarter out. Flip it in the air. If it is heads - you go to the gym. If it is tails - you go call some of your alpha buddies and go see this movie. If you are a Leftist - skip this movie and go grab some tea at Starbucks.

Movie Review Grade = C
Production Information = Somewhat Approve
LSE = Low

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