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Movie Review: I sure miss my Drunken Master Jackie.

Asian Americans love Jackie Chan, especially martial arts and stunt fans. My favorite movie of his are "Wheels on Meals," "Drunken Master II," and "Project A." These movies are really silly but they are fun to watch and I recommend everyone to give it a shot. Jackie Chan fans go see his movies for the comedy, stunts, acrobats or action. You can understand why I was a little hesitant in going to see his new movie, this was a serious role for Jackie Chan and it is definitely a lot different then what you would be accustomed to. Come on! - It’s Jackie Chan though – I want to see him jump off a building while kicking someone in the head.

This movie is not horrible. The best way I can describe it, is by simply saying it’s just OK. I was actually not disappointed with Jackie Chan’s performance - the man is in his 60's - he still has the energy to perform believable action scenes. But the movie only had one fun action sequence; I felt the rest of the action scenes were stale. The story was interesting enough but there were moments when I kept checking my cell phone for the time.

The story is about a single father name Quan (Jackie Chan) whose daughter was a casualty of a bombing that was perpetrated by the IRA. He seeks outs answers for his daughter death and is on a mission on getting revenge. A government official (Pierce Brosnan) stands in his way and fears Quan will bring more problems to his country. Brosnan was definitely the best part of the movie. I actually enjoyed watching Brosnan on screen more than Chan. I mean Chan did his best, English is not his first language and he is not known for his Oscar worth acting skills. It is straightforward revenge thriller with two old farts but with the added twist of British and Irish politics and terrorism.

Jackie Chan has enough acting chops to pull off a serious role but many other Chinese actors could have done better in my opinion. Overall, I feel it is not worth spending your hard earn money on at the theaters. I would definitely wait for it on Red Box or a streaming service. I personally hope Jackie Chan stick with action comedies.

ReeYaa Grade = C-

By: Asian Lincoln | October 12, 2017
Runtime: 1h 54min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: October 13, 2017

Production Information

Director: Martin Campbell
Cast: Katie Leung, Jackie Chan, Rufus Jones, Pierce Brosnan.

The director is not American and seems like he keeps his politics to himself.

Pierce Brosnan is not American. I think he may be a leftist. But I don’t recall him ever attacking right-wing ideologies in public. I like Pierce; he seems like a down to earth guy. I could be totally wrong though.

Jackie Chan might be a State and Communist sympathizer. He once made remarks that were critical of Taiwanese officials. But there might be more to this story that I don't know about. He never said anything stupid towards Americans.

There is no need to boycott the cast or team.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Approve

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

The movie deals with terrorism in London. Since all the migrant problems and terrorist attacks in Europe this movie may actually help right-wingers. There are some virtue signaling moments about Asians and whites but nothing to outrageous. You probably won’t even notice it.

ReeYaa Score = Low

Final Thoughts

I lost interest in the movie at times. It’s not a completely horrible movie but it’s not good enough for me to recommend seeing it at the theater. I rather go watch old Jackie Chan movies instead.

Movie Review Grade = C-
Production Information = Somewhat Approve
LSE = Low

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