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Thank You for Your Service

Movie Review: Nothing new here. Worth watching at home.

I bet you some movie critics from the main stream media will be taking shots at President Trump in their review of this film. It comes natural for them, and they will do anything to influence their readers. A movie based on the life of soldiers is the best time to take shots at the President. But it is interesting how many of these same critics were not eager enough to bash their messiah - President Obama - when they had the chance. The media narrative now is that President Trump is not sympathetic towards soldiers or their families, and that the majority of soldiers are left leaning and don’t approve of the President. Obviously, it’s really silly to think that is true. I bet that if you ask any Operator if they approve of Trump, ninety percent would say that they do.

Ok, my quick rant out of the way, now back to the movie. Director Jason Hall has established himself as a respectable writer in Hollywood. Hall's most famous screenplay is American Sniper, a great film which was nominated for multiple awards. He did a great job capturing the psyche of an elite sniper. Thank You for You Service is his new film and his first time directing. Was it as good as American Sniper? Not even close but it had its moments.

American Sniper focused on one person, while this movie focuses on three people. The film is about how combat veterans adjust back to regular civilian life. Now I might be a little hard-headed as a veteran, coming from a military family, and living in close proximity to a major military base; but I interact with many military personal and veterans. They are my friends, my family, and my neighbors. I have seen some veterans falter in their civilian life and I have seen many that adapt and excel very well. This movie did nothing for me emotionally, because I’ve experienced this topic personally. There is really nothing new in this film that hasn’t done before in other films. I commend the filmmakers attempt at drawing the audience into the challenging transition from active duty to civilian life, but the film lacked an emotional draw. The movie was nothing more than consistently repeated cliché’s. I do appreciate this movie in that it gives more insight into the difficulties of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be very difficult, and I commend the film for showing the challenges it creates for veterans and their families.

The movie also gives insight into the horribly government run agency which is the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). What they did not touch on in great depth is the government union associated with the VA. The VA has been horrible for decades. Politicians always talks about helping and loving veterans, but nothing has really changed within the VA. Thank Goodness for President Trump - yes, I am getting political again. The first step in fixing the VA, is to hold the VA administration accountable. And President Trump has done that, lots of people have been fired, and the VA seems to be finally improving. Unions are causing the delays, but I feel confident it will get there.

If you rarely watch military based movies or know little about military culture, I would recommend the movie, and I believe this movie does enough that it will keep you engaged. For everyone else, this movie does little in my opinion, there is nothing new here that a right-winger wouldn’t know and the movie doesn’t capture you emotionally.

ReeYaa Grade = C-

By: Deplorable Vet | October 30, 2017
Runtime: 1h 48min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: October 27, 2017

Production Information

Director: Jason Hall
Cast: Haley Bennett, Miles Teller, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Amy Schumer

The director has virtue signaled before, and is trying to create a narrative that our military doesn’t like President Trump. It has also been reported that he tries to shame right wingers. He seems to be a full-of-himself, left-wing-activist. He will probably deny it and try to play to the center, but I just don’t trust this guy. Directing military movies doesn’t mean anything – it’s just another movie – and you are nothing special. The director follows the party line saying he loves the military while also believing everything the mainstream media says. At least, this is my interpretation from his twitter feed and articles I read about him online.

Amy Schumer is in this movie, and as always, it was really annoying seeing her on screen. We know she is annoying left-wing activist, who tries to make up for bad-jokes and a stunted career as a politician by spouting leftist propaganda. Luckily, she is not the main star of the movie. She is left-wing, virtual-signaling, full-of-garbage activist. Screw her!

The rest of the cast I do not believe to have any strong political beliefs, or at least, they have not said anything deserving of a boycott. If you want to boycott this movie because of Schumer and the director then I wouldn’t blame you. It’s not a great film to bypass a boycott.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Disapprove

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

The situations discussed in the movie, most right-wingers would know already. While the movie does not try to push you to vote for the Left, there are a few instances where it seems to be blaming the government (read the current Administration) for problems, but anyone who is informed will see right through it. Your original political world view will not be altered because of this movie.

ReeYaa Score = Low

Final Thoughts

Is it worth watching eventually? Yes, but not at the theater. Save yourself some money, you can wait to catch it streaming or on Blu-Ray.

Movie Review Grade = C-
Production Information = Somewhat Disapprove
LSE = Low

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