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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Movie Review: Could have been revolutionary, could have…

Visually, the film is unmatched. Besson succeeds in transporting us hundreds of years into the future, and lets us spend the days wandering alien worlds. The film feels more reminiscent of the Scifi films of the ‘60’s, ‘70’s or ‘80’s – where space was characterized by adventure, fantasy, and dare-I-say… magic. It is a welcomed departure from the scientifically-grounded (read: serious) films to recently grace the big screen.

The visuals are unparalleled, transcending I mere cinema in favor of a larger, grander form of spectacle. Unfortunately, after the splendid shock-and-awe of the film wears off, the film rapidly falls off. The real fault, is the characterization. Flat basic characters who are content speaking their unjustified feelings for on another.

The plot while straight-forward – is not necessarily bad, it just is simplistic. Through a majority of the film, the characters take us on a roller-coaster ride through the various sectors of the Alpha Station pursuing a government cover-up.

As far as the acting goes, it is unmemorable. Two exceptions of this are when veteran actors Clive Owen and Ethan Hawke take to the screen in their supporting actor roles. They bring an energy and maturity neither Dane or Cara have grown into yet.

While film the does have its short comings and leave the audience wanting more; it does provide a sense of child-like adventure and that longing-ness to stow-away on a rocket ship.

ReeYaa Grade = B-

By: Hamilton | July 17, 2017
Runtime: 2h 17min
Rating: PG-13
Wide Release Date: July 21, 2017

Production Information

Director: Luc Besson Leitch
Cast: Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Ethan Hawke.

Luc is French, so – naturally his world view – and politics will diverge. He did call out America for what he perceives as “arrogance” and “cultural imperialism” For populating the art of cinema with cheap action movies, comic book films, and having the audacity to create a super-hero named after itself. He found fault with Captain America, something only America would be so egotistical to do. Them be fightin’ words.

Cara Delevingne is British, but has become the darling of the left solely on the basis of her sexual orientation. She did express public outrage at the killing of Cecil the Lion and raise funds to protect wildlife – but people across the spectrum seemed to take issue with that. Otherwise, she doesn’t seem to “push” an agenda. Clive Owen, also is British. As such, it is tough to pin down his politics as well.

Ethan Hawke, has public stated that he doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in politics. That being said, he has a track record of supporting mainstream Democratic candidates like John Kerry and Barack Obama.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Disapprove

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

Luc seems to be more critical of humanity – more than anything else. The destructive nature of man, our perpetually fear of the unknown, and our thirst for blood. I don’t think that these themes can be clearly divided along political lines. In some ways, the story – at its heart – is about political corruption and authoritarian control. Along those lines, the film adopts very Libertarian narrative, as it become a cautionary tale reinforcing the need for the separation of powers and greater transparency over the state. I am not sure if Luc intended to take the story in this direction, but I noticed it.

Take Away, viva la Constitution.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Final Thoughts

If you are only concerned with the realistic nature of space travel, update your LinkedIn page and go work for NASA. If you are thirsty for adventure, go see the film, faults an all. While I would say this is a movie made for Redbox, don’t rob yourself of the cinematic experience.

Movie Review Grade = B-
Production Information = Somewhat Disapprove
LSE = Med

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