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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Movie Review: Marvel Fans and Teenagers will love it

Let’s get two things out of the way first.

1. Spider-Man Homecoming is not better then the first two Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi.
2. Michael Keaton was phenomenal and the best part of the film.

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War. He was an exciting part of the film and many comic book fans were pleased by his performance. Was the initial excitement worthy? Did Holland disappoint in Marvels new stand alone movie? I would say he didn’t disappoint. I was very impressed by his acting skills but there were times when he was overacting. Marvel fans should not worry about the future of Spider-Man. Disney picked the right person for the job.

The cinematography was well done. The cinematographer perfectly captured images for comedic effects. Music, sound effects, all good. The visual effects were great minus a few shots. Disney makes fewer films then the other major studios each year but they make sure the movie is of the best technical quality. You cannot expect anything less from Disney.

The screenplay is where I felt it lacked the highest quality. Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Vulture/Toomes was believable and the story of his struggles was well written. The audience will feel his pain and I believe many would actually be rooting for him. But the main story is about Parker and his struggles of teenage life and being Spider-Man. He goes through the typical teenage problems - girls, friends, secrets, popularity, and bullies. It’s a typical coming to age film with a super hero bent. I felt no emotional impact with Parkers struggles. The emotional appeal of his story didn't work well compared to Raimi's Spider-Man.

Acting as the adult male figure to Parker is Tony Stark/Iron Man. There were actually a good amount of scenes of Stark/Iron Man. I felt the story between Stark and Parker wasn’t effective compared to Keaton’s. It makes you wonder what the whole point of Iron Man role was; you could have a similar story without Iron Man. But Marvel cut a deal with Sony and Iron Man increases attendance.

Oh and don’t worry - there were plenty of scenes with Spider-Man fighting crime while making jokes.

A Quick Breakdown -

- Alien Technology is used by Keaton’s character Adrian Toomes.
- Tony Stark wants to make Parker a better person.
- Parker whines and goes through teenage stuff. It was like watching an episode of a W.B show.
- Spider-Man swings around and fights criminals
- Teenage drama continues
- Spider-Man fights more criminals
- A weak ending versus the Vulture/Toomes.
- Disney makes tons of money from teenagers and comic book freaks.
- On to the next one.

ReeYaa Grade = C

By: SoCal Mike | July 7, 2017
Runtime: 2h 13min
Rating: PG 13
Wide Release Date: July 07, 2017

Production Information

Director: Jon Watts
Cast: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Adrian Toomes, Robert Downey Jr, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zendaya

Jon Watts - His resume is not as extensive as a person like a Christopher Nolan. Judging by his bio - you can tell he put in a lot of work to get where he is at. I respect that. He has not come out and said anything stupid or made political statements. He seems like a chill guy that loves film and has been working his way up the ranks in Hollywood. Good for him.

Tom Holland – A British kid, he gets a pass for now. Besides, he hasn’t done anything to make us boycott him.

Michael Keaton - He had said some political statements but nothing of great substance. He keeps to himself most of the time and seems like a good guy. I could be wrong but I would give Keaton a pass for now.

Robert Downey Jr. - Many thought he might be a closet Libertarian or Republican. But he publicly backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. I don’t fault him for that; there were many right leaner’s that did not like Trump. Hollywood Executives and power figures are pretty damming towards outspoken conservatives and its best to publicly back their chosen candidate. Downey did fall into the political correctness role and should get knocked for that.

Jon Favreu - He has done public virtue signaling. Seems like he is full of sh!t.

Gwyneth Paltrow - She is a left wing virtue signaling celebrity hack that lives in la la land. She has made outrageous leftwing statements. Her role in the movie is very small but it’s still annoying to see her on screen.

Zendaya - A young Disney girl. She is still finding her way through life.

Marisa Tomei - I personally think she needs more support from the public. I consider her a working class actor who has been around the game for a very long time. I believe she has never said anything hypocritical or insulting.

I like some of the cast and some are annoying Hollywood politically correct hacks. Boycotting the cast would be acceptable to me.

ReeYaa Score = Mix Feelings

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

I find it funny when people say the diversity of the casting is trying to mimic real life New York. Really? - A teenager with super powers, a billionaire with a flying iron suit, a flying metal vulture and we need to believe that this is realistic. The casting of the teenagers was an attempt to virtue signal. Why do I bring this up – well - because I wanted to see a big badass jock name Flash who beats up Parker. I wanted Spider-Man's origin story to be close to the old comic books. It doesn’t make me a racist; I just like a little nostalgia. Where are the big white dumb jocks and the gangster students at the school, how diverse is really this movie? The worst part was at the end with the M.J bit. I’m Mexican and I will be upset if they go this route in the next film.

There were parts where there was obvious virtue signaling and political correctness. Did it affect the film, yes and no. Teenagers that don’t know any better will suck it all in but adults should see the obvious attempts to reshape thought. In one example - the writers tried to make a statement about the Washington monument which was not 100% accurate.

Overall – LSE was not that bad but there were some noticeable parts.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Final Thoughts

I felt that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films had more heart. You appreciate the sacrifices of Spider-Man/Peter Parker in his films. This Spider-Man film felt more like a W.B show catered to teenagers. There was plenty of visual spectacles and teenagers will have a good time.

Movie Review Grade = C
Production Information = Mix Feelings
LSE = Med

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