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Atomic Blonde

Movie Review: An attempt of a female Jason Bourne and John Wick.

I have a feeling – ever since John Wick became a cult classic, directors are going to attempt to add a “Wick Style” to every action movie in order to draw an audience. If you do not know what I mean then you need to go watch John Wick. Don’t get me wrong, the director for Atomic Blonde was heavily involved in John Wick and deserves credit for his stylish film. But just having a “Wick Style,” will not make it a great film, it is not enough and needs to bring more substance in order to capture the audience. John Wick 2 is a great example – heavy on stylish killings but the movie was repetitive and boring.

Atomic Blonde has its stylish moments but the film lacks substance. Don’t worry, those of you who are hard core John Wick fans should be pleased with some of the elements in the film.

Those of you that follow me know I am a super lazy writer. Nothing has changed; here is a simple breakdown for everyone.

- Charlize Theron played her role well. She looked amazing and left wing cucks will love to see a female beat up men, especially white men. Everyone knows now that all heroes in movies have to be woman and evil has to be portrayed by white men. (I’m not a white male by the way)
- James McAvoy did a decent job.
- The Director made 80’s cool again.
- Actions scenes were just ok; some of the fights scenes were slow. You will see the same old repetitive blood splatter. You will get your dosages of violence, don’t worry.

The story is very simple and not complex at all; don’t expect any mind numbing twist. It was a straight forward action spy movie set during the cold war. Atomic Blonde is based on a graphic novel, so the screenwriters had plenty of source material. Even then, the storytelling is underwhelming and bland. Using neon colors and having stylish cinematography is not going to save this movie. If you are going to have a crappy story in an action film, you better bring the action to a whole new level. This movie did not do this.

If you just want to see Theron looking sexy and killing people then this movie is right for you.

ReeYaa Grade = C-

By: Lazy Editor Tim | July 28, 2017
Runtime: 1h 55min
Rating: R
Wide Release Date: July 28, 2017

Production Information

Director: David Leitch
Cast: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman.

The Director is a cool guy.

Charlize Theron is dating Sean Penn - yes - really. She never said anything really bad towards right wingers but you can see the contempt she has towards Republicans when Seth McFarlane belittled Republicans on the Ellen DeGeneres show. SHE IS DATING SEAN PENN – the ultimate non tolerant left wing nut – she deserves a hit.

James McAvoy – He is not American. As far as I know he tries to stay away from politics.

ReeYaa Score = Somewhat Disapprove

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

Some lesbian action – I guess it was normal in the 8o’s (Sarcasm) - you can take away the gay romance and it would not have affected to story. Actually, you could have added a dog, cat, horse, anything really as her love interest and the story would still have the same outcome. Not much of a big deal I suppose, I don’t think kids will be lining up to see this movie. At least this movie didn’t blame all the world’s problems on Reagan.

ReeYaa Score = Med

Final Thoughts

Go watch Charlize Theron in Mad Max instead of this film. Left wing cucks will like this movie.

Movie Review Grade = C-
Production Information = Somewhat Disapprove
LSE = Med

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