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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Movie Review: More of the same garbage.

Oh... Al Gore - the Man Bear Pig.

Former Vice President Al Gore aka Man Bear Pig was the main star in 2006 blockbuster documentary, An Inconvenient Truth - the greatest Power Point presentation ever recorded on film. Pictures of ice melting, manipulative data (Hockey Stick), sensationalized talking points and manipulative images helped scare the bejeezus out of lefties. You can’t fault Man Bear Pigs efforts; An Inconvenient Truth was effective in starting conversations about the environment. I remember I was in Las Vegas waiting in line for a pastry and coffee. I sparked a conversation with a European, a very sweet lady. She told to me that she just visited Iceland and she said AL Gore is right. She told me that the ice was melting in Iceland. I asked her when she visited Iceland - she said in the beginning of June - yep - thanks Man Bear Pig. This is the kind of hysteria the left created to gain support and sympathy.

Do you remember the mass hysteria by the Greenies or how about when college professors demanded students to go see it?


How about when the left wing media started claiming the world is going to end if we don’t change our ways? Ah... the memories.

Well, nothing has changed. The Greenies and media outlets are still going crazy and have become more hysterical since Trump has been elected.

I admit I was a Greenie Communist that believed all of this garbage. How foolish was I?

There has been push back by many scientists who are against the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). And many left wing media polls show that many Americans don’t care about man made climate change theory or it is very low in importance of governmental policies. So here comes Man Bear Pig charging in to save the day, hoping to change the narrative once again. (You got to keep the gravy train going.)

I don’t want you to think I was predetermined to bash the film. We all want clean water and air and to also limit pollution, no one disagrees to this. Is Co2 an actual heavy pollutant? Does Co2 really cause global warming or climate change or climate disruption or whatever name leftist decide to use to scare the public? These questions are the main topic that is dividing some scientist and politicians. (97% talking point is a lie and has been debunked.) I really did want to learn something new and maybe see new data showing the dangers of AGW.

Was Man Bear Pig effective in his newest documentary film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power? Not even close.

There was nothing new in this film. There were some very beautiful images and emotions were effectively captured by the director. But it was still pure propaganda. The sad thing is; the less fortunate in poor countries could have used the money government officials wasted on their virtue signaling programs. Also, what the hell was the point in the film when Man Bear Pig starts talking about his child hood home and becoming president. There was no need for that. It just shows me that the man is really self centered and is still hurt he lost to W. Bush. Get over it buddy. (You are rich and many girls with green hair and armpit hair want to sleep with you. Embrace it Man Bear Pig.)

This film was predictable; there were scenes of damages to the environment but without believable scientific explanation, just more hyperbolic thought. I assumed Man Bear Pig was going to attack the scientist who are climate skeptics on camera, he did no such thing. The production team should have planned to interview scientist who deny AGW and then challenge their points in front of the camera. How are climate skeptics going to change their opinion when you only discuss issues with the same like minded people on camera? It was obvious what the team objective was.

Why didn’t they interview Richard Lindzen (The king of climate science.), Tony Heller, or any one of the 20,000+ scientist who signed the petition that deny AGW? If Man Bear Pig was so certain about his facts he should be able to make these men look foolish on camera. But we all know climate alarmist scientist will never have a public debate with climate skeptic scientist, they would get destroyed.

There has been a steady increase of reports that are showing the corruption and manipulation of scientist, certain left wing media outlets, and government officials. And now you understand why this film was made.

This documentary did nothing new to advance the Greenies cause and was not an improvement of his first work. It was the same old garbage.

ReeYaa Grade = D-

I recommend watching Climate Hustle instead of this film. I would also recommend everyone to follow Scientist Tony Heller on Twitter (@SteveSGoddard) or watch his YouTube videos. He is a big time Greenie but he shows the corruption of climate science. Here are some of his videos.

By: Deplorable Greenie | July 28, 2017
Runtime: 98min
Rating: PG
Wide Release Date: July 28, 2017 (Limited Release)

Production Information

Director: Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk
Cast: Al Gore, Bunch of leftist politcal leaders.

The directors of this film have done some decent documentaries in the past. I am certain they are left wingers but they have not criticized right wingers to the extent of Man Bear Pig. In a recent interview they said the movie is not political. (I laughed out loud as well.) I won’t lower the score because of the directors, they are good film makers. Their politics/ideology might be wrong to us but they don’t go out of their way to criticize right wingers.

Man Bear Pig - No need to say any more. Score drops dramatically.

ReeYaa Score = Disapprove

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

This documentary is text book LSE. It was all about virtue signaling and attempts to scare the audience. The films goal = To Make Republicans look evil, to trust Man Bear Pig, to make you think the Earth is going crazy, to vote for leftist, and if you do vote for a leftist then you just saved the Earth.”

ReeYaa Score = Very High

Final Thoughts

There are some beautiful and disheartening shots in this film. National Geographic would be proud of certain shots in the film. And that’s about it when it comes to the value of this documentary. Is it worth your money, NOT AT ALL. You can learn more about AGW on YouTube. This was a quick money making attempt for Al Gore, and a sad attempt to save the lefts AGW narrative.

Movie Review Grade = D-
Production Information = Disapprove
LSE = Very High

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