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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Movie Review: Screw You Disney!

Of course the mainstream media critics will love it – Rotten Tomatoes score is in the 90’s – What a load of garbage – This movie helps push their agenda and they must protect their own, right?

Many will say that it’s a bold change and that the fans complaining about this movie are the same fans that complained about The Force Awakens being unoriginal and are hypocrites – well – that’s garbage. You are the ones that got it all wrong, not the fans that hate it.

Star Wars fans that complain about this movie understand the mythology and characters of Star Wars much better than most. This Spaceballs, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Battlestar Gallactica, Japanese Anime wannabe of a movie just sucker punched Star Wars fans and urinated on them while they were down on the ground. If this movie doesn’t Red-Pill some leftist Star Wars fan then I don’t think anything can change their mind set.

A lot of Star Wars fans are going to absolutely hate this movie and will probably rate this lower than The Phantom Menace. (At least there were some memorable scenes in the TPM and you still felt the Star Wars mythology.) Actually, I should say that the older generations of Star Wars fans are going to really hate this movie. The main reason why there will be a backlash is because this movie is now CANON and the universe has just been sh!t on. Fans will get what I am saying. Before I continue on with my rant I will break down the movie without my Star Wars fandom goggles on.

As a standalone action/sci-fi blockbuster film, it does enough to keep you interested. It was well produced and kids will probably love it. The audience that enjoys watching the live action Transformer movies will probably like this movie.

In the political realm - If you are a leftist that gets all of yours news from mainstream media and celebrities, you will probably love this movie. If you love K-pop drama and comedy movies, you will probably love this movie. If you think Trump is the most evil person in the world and love to march in the street for feel good causes and don’t live in reality, you will probably love this movie. You get the picture on who will defend this movie like crazy.

It is time to take off the goggles now.

Just to remind you – I was a huge Star Wars fan growing up. I am not a craze fanatic anymore but I am still a fan. In my younger days I collected the toys and comics, had Star Wars trivia nights with friends, waited in line for hours for the prequels, played all the video games, I read all the extended universe novels, I loved everything Star Wars. I respect and admire George Lucas and his team for creating a universe that holds dear to millions of people. I will say that I thought The Force Awakens was average, I felt it was highly overrated and felt the people that loved it was because of nostalgia. It was a safe simple movie but it gave the next episode a chance to incorporate some of the universe we are familiar with from previous episodes and to also answer lots of questions from the previous episodes. There was a chance to bring back the Star Wars mythology that many fans adore. None of that happened in The Last Jedi.

I could go on and on about how bad this movie is to Star Wars fans. The characters, the story, plot holes, the lack of universe building or bringing it back, just about everything we love about Star Wars just took a huge hit.

I would recommend you wait for it on Blu-Ray or streaming. This is not worth the time to go see it. I rather buy a Christmas gift card from *gasp* Starbucks for someone then watch this movie.

The one bright side about this garbage movie is that it might get some Leftist to see what some on the Right complain about. The Star Wars that we know is long gone. I will skip the next one.

ReeYaa Grade | As A Stand Alone Film = C- | As a Star Wars film = F

Leftist Social Engineering (LSE)

Everything feels so forced. The other Episodes had a very diverse cast but nothing seemed force concerning LSE. Woman now can do no wrong and super awesome – lets all stand and cheer for them. (Roll Eyes) LSE garbage runs rampant in this movie - it was both subtle and in your face.

ReeYaa Score = Very High

Production Information

Director: Rian Johnson
Cast: Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill.

Rian Johnson is full of crap. Mark Hamill has said some stupid stuff about right-wingers. The young cast keep to themselves.

ReeYaa Score = Mix Feelings

Final Thoughts

This movie sucks and will break many Star War fans hearts. It was cheesy and just plain stupid.

Movie Review Grade | As A Stand Alone Film = C- | As a Star Wars film = F
Production Information = Mix Feelings
LSE = Very High

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Reviewed By: Lazy Editor Tim | December 15, 2017
Runtime: 2h 32min
Rating: PG-13
Wide Release Date: December 15, 2017

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