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We created this site to review movies and to discuss Hollywood culture past and present from a Republican or Libertarian perspective.

Why was this website created?

Corporate Media: Can we say more about the left-wing control of corporate media? If you track political contributions like we do (yes, we agree, we are a HUGE political science nerds) you see the money that entertainers, media personalities, and storytellers are giving to left-wing politicians. While polls show that most Americans no longer trust the media – the left’s unchecked ability to control the social narrative is frightful. And personally, we are getting pretty tired of it. We are sick of out-of-touch liberal elites, their manipulative editing, perpetuating false narratives, and the double standards they continue to protect. It is time to take back our narrative.

We created this site for people who lean to the political right, to give – and get – a honest assessment of Hollywood films. How can you trust the “professional movie reviewer’s” who work for publications or websites owned by major entertainment corporations, and have an interest in advancing their SJW agenda? You can’t trust them.

We believe in the marketplace of ideas. We believe in freedom of expression, and open discourse. Unfortunately, mainstream media no longer shares our belief in these same values. While Hollywood prides itself on diversity – it shows little regard for the diversity of opinion and idea’s which challenge its own narrow worldview.

Many Republicans simply refuse to support Hollywood, but we do not believe in this approach. There are still many hardworking Americans in the film industry – moderate’s and right-wingers – working in all portions of film production. In many ways, those who lean to the right are “demonized” by their liberal colleagues for their beliefs and their values. We don’t hate Hollywood here, but we feel obligated to show the hypocrisy within Hollywood. We want to warn you before you pay $11.00 to sit through liberal propaganda. More importantly, we want to encourage you to support films promoting right-wing values – freedom, limited government, free-market capitalism, and American patriotism.

Movies are a great escape from everyday life. We want you to enjoy this escape. We want to embrace creativity, but we also want to embrace our right to criticize it.
We have a small hardworking team here at ReeYaa, and they are completely voluntary. We depend upon the help of contributors to make this site grow, since we cannot see every movie released ourselves. We hope to build a strong online community here, and create an outlet for cinema-fans everywhere to express their common-sense reviews regarding the films they watch.

Our Current Team and Official Contributors

Webmaster, Geek Expert, Author – Bobby T
Geek Expert, Author, Part Time Editor – Hamilton
Part Time Editor, Official Contributor - Lazy Editor Tim

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